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Join one of our Pilates classes or Nordic Walking classes or book an appointment with a Chartered Physiotherapist today.


Pilates Classes Timetable

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To ensure a smooth progression, our classes are run in blocks of 5 lessons.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. It uses a special type of walking poles and a specific technique to significantly increase the benefits of walking.  It is as effective as running in  terms of it’s cardiovascular benefits, but with less strain on the joints than ordinary walking.  

It burns up to 46% more calories than walking, so it great if you are looking to loose weight or maintain weight loss.  

It may also help to improve posture ease joint pain, reduce depression and anxiety, improve Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, reduce the risk of getting dementia, improve balance and coordination, as well as increasing all round fitness.

Nordic Walking Classes

 Nordic Walking Poles will be provided for all class participants.

We will be offering 6 different types of classes:

Tasters: - Free

This is a Free 1 hour session to allow you to find out what Nordic Walking is about and to see how much fun Nordic Walking can be. Please click here for taster dates.

Beginners Course: - £35 for 5 sessions or £10 per session

This is a 5 week course teaching you the basic Nordic Walking technique.

Beginners Workshops - £20

These are 2 hour sessions that teach you the basic Nordic Walking technique.

Nordic Walk Back to Health: - £35 for 5 sessions or £10 per session

These are regular weekly walks for people with a health or rehabilitation need (families, friends and carers are also welcome to attend). The walks will be slower than our Social and Fitness+ walks and include regular breaks in areas with plenty of benches. These walks are designed for people with medical conditions such as Parkinson's Disease and MS,  recent joint replacements, tackling obesity and COPD. If you want to get back on your feet and get outside again, this class will be for you!

Social Nordic Walking: - £35 for 5 sessions or £10 per session

These sessions are aimed at people who want to get out and get fit in a sociable and friendly group. You need to be able to walk, for at least an hour, at a moderate pace and have completed either a beginners course or beginners workshop.  If you want to get some exercise, increase your heart rate and get to know some great people, this session is for you! You will need to complete a beginners course before joining this course.

 Fitness PLUS:

 These sessions are higher intensity walks are aimed at weight loss and improving fitness. In the session, we will do a full warm-up, followed by a mixture of interval training, drills and higher paced Nordic Walking. You need to have done either a beginners course or beginners workshop, be free from current injury and have a reasonable level of fitness to attend. If you are unsure of your level of fitness try a social Nordic walking class first and discuss it with your instructor. If you want to lose weight, get in shape and "feel the burn", these classes will be for you!

Countryside Wanders: - see time table for prices

These are longer walks exploring the beautiful countryside in and around Carlisle. They will be varying lengths and locations - Click here for a full list of countryside wanders. You need to be able to walk for at least the duration of the walk at a moderate pace and have completed either a beginners course or beginners workshop. If you want to explore the spectacular local countryside, get some cardiovascular exercise and meet some friendly people the these are the sessions for you.

Nordic Walking Classes

Nordic Walking Time Table

What to Wear and Bring with you

We provide all the Nordic Walking Poles, however if you really get hooked and get your own set of poles then feel free to bring them along with you.

Footwear: For the hour sessions it is best to wear a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting muddy.  If you haven’t any next best thing is walking boots and after that any sturdy shoes. Please don’t wear ballet pumps or other slip on shoe, open toed footwear or heels.  For some of the longer walks you may be better with walking boots rather than trainers, depending on the terrain, we’ll let you know when this is the case.  

Clothing: Please have a waterproof jacket with you on all walks incase it rains.  On the longer walks it is advisable to have waterproof trousers, and an additional sweatshirt or insulating jacket with you as well.  Hats and gloves are also advised on the longer walks and on the short walks in cold weather


Please bring water with you to all sessions, as you are likely to get thirsty.

Other frequently asked questions:

Click here for a link to our blog for some frequently asked questions

Nordic Walking Timetable