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Join one of our Pilates classes or Nordic Walking classes or book an appointment with a Chartered Physiotherapist today.


Pilates Classes Timetable

Places are limited so please book





To ensure a smooth progression, our classes are run in blocks of 5 lessons.

Please click here for start dates for the next block of classes

Directions Nordic Walking Timetable Swaps Board

Class Swaps are done via an online Class Swaps Board.

To use our online swaps board, go to https://www.bee-inclined.com/customer/physiopilates-carlisle/swap/

You will need the password to log in - please contact PhysioPilates Carlisle to get the password.

Instructions on how to use the swaps board:

1) Firstly you need to offer a swap.  

a. Select the class that you are booked into, but are unable to attend.

i. First select the date of the class you can not attend using the calendar

ii. Then select the class that you are offering as a swap

iii. Then enter your name & email address

iv. Click the offer swap button.

2) Once you have offered a swap you will be emailed a token code– this is a code that you will need in order to book into your class swap.

3) Now choose the swap you want

PhysioPilates Carlisle Swaps Board

a. Enter your swap token code

b. Click the button take swap

c. You will receive an email confirming your swap.

4) To reduce filter the swaps offered

a.  Click the Show Swaps Filter button on the top right-hand side of the website

b. This will allow you to select between

i. PhysioPilates Classes

ii. Core Stability for Men Classes

iii. Nordic Walking Classes

iv. Nordic Walking  back to Health Classes

c. It possible to select more than 1 of these class typesIf t

d. You can also select different venues

5) Trouble shooting: If you have lost your token

a. click on the link on the left hand side of the screen where it says                                                Lost your Swap Tokens? Click here

b. enter your email address

c. click the Send tokens button

d. receive an email with your token code

6) Trouble shooting: If there is not a suitable swap

a. Keep checking back regularly as additional swaps are likely to come up regularly during the block.

7) You will be able to make swaps for the current block only.  On the Friday morning on the last week of the block the swapsboard will be reset for the upcoming block. After this point you will be able to make swaps for the upcoming block.

Swapsboard Ettique & Rules

1. Please offer your swaps as early as possible as it allows other people to use your space for their swap, which will make the swaps system work more effectively for everyone.

2. You must offer and select swaps at least 8 hours before the class is due to run, after this time no more swaps are allowed to be offered or taken – this is a relaxing of our current swaps rules, where we are asking for 24 hours’ notice for swaps, if we find that having the 8-hour cut off means that everyone is leaving it to the last moment we may have to revert to the previous rules – so please get your swaps in early where possible.

3. All swaps tokens must be used up with in the current block and will expire at the end of the block.  If you book onto the next block and had a good reason for not using up all your swaps in the previous block please contact us and we may be able to issue you a swaps token.  If you have not used up all your swaps tokens and DO NOT book onto the next block then then your swaps tokens will be lost.